BluFX.. $25k Capital for £99 Per Month

Yep, the title is correct. You get to trade $25k real capital at a leverage of 1:3 for only £99 per month. So how does it work and what is the catch? Well here is a break down for you. and the catch? There isn’t one in my mind. BluFX’s Website: Click Here

Start Trading Forex

So you’re wanting to get into trading forex? Signing up and getting started is as easy and saving up and opening an account with ICMarkets (link below) and depositing what you want to start trading with (recommended deposit size is $200). There are other brokers out there but ICMarkets is my broker of choice. Also […]

My Second Month Trading.

So here we are into my 2nd month. What a journey it’s been and the journey is still going. Because that is what it is. It’s a journey. Let me just get a couple things out there. What I’ve come to realise is that Forex trading will strip you of everything you are worth and […]

Trade Excursion Is Key

This is just a short blog posts. It’s something I’ve come to learn the Hard way. Getting into trades and only getting a small pip amount or realising I didn’t leave enough time for me todo chart analysis to enter the trade in the correct direction. Doing a buy when it simply goes into a […]

BluFX Trade Of The Day 02-10-2017

As you can see below. I achieved the trade of the with the BluFX broker on the GBP/JPY pair. Since I’m a new trader for me this is huge news. It’s a big achievement as it’s shown me that I am able to trade and if I learn from my mistakes and keep my rules […]

My First Month Trading

To start this off I’ve never traded in my life. The reason I got into trading is that my and a friend start playing around in the demo. I made and lost in the demo and I thought to my self I really like doing this I’m going to do it for real.  So I […]